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Sumtinfly™ est. 2013 is the vision come to fruition of an individual with the innate desire of turning tragedy into triumph. Sumtinfly the brand aims to provide our patrons a visual representation of everything "fly" in today's society.


Inspiration for the brand is derived from global elements drawing on past and present societies, infused with the soul of the Chicago inner city. With a growing presence worldwide, and increased representation on social media, the mantra Sumtinfly stretches the imagination.


Sumtinfly, the blog, was launched on March 6th 2013.


Sumtinfly apparel, an original means to promote the blog, was in such high demand that the clothing line was born. What once was a means to share ideas and collaborate with a global community, turned into an opportunity to provide for a family of five.           

Image by Erol Ahmed
Mr. Terrell Morgan
Terrell and Theresa Morgan Sumtinfly
Mrs Theresa Morgan
Terrell and Theresa Morgan Sumtinfly

Mr. Terrell &
Mrs. Theresa Morgan

Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.



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